The purpose behind Midthumb Bowmen is to create family, social and athletic enjoyment around the practice of archery, in accordance with, and to the betterment of the membership. Our goal is to perpetuate the practice of archery and the spirit of good fellowship among all archers; to cooperate with all conservation organizations in the conservation of game and to maintain excellent archery courses and conduct enjoyable archery tournaments for all levels of Archers, from beginners to professionals.
The Midthumb Bowmen club was founded in 1983. The club owns forty wooded and rolling acres in which we set our 3d courses and Field Archery. We run and host archery tournaments such as the Thumb Triple Threat which has become the G5 Triple Threat with G5 now generously sponsoring the tournament. This has been a grand collaboration for Michigan archery!!
We run many 3D leagues indoor and outdoor. Field Archery Leagues, Indoor Spot Leagues, and monthly 3D shoots, March through September. We hold specialty shoots such as 2 Man Scrambles in which shooters score their best arrow, A Triathlon which covers 3 segments of archery by shooting a 3D course, 300 Field course and an indoor spot round. Many of these shoots can be shot competitively (money) or for fun whichever you choose.

  All leagues and monthly 3D shoots are open to the PUBLIC Midthumb Bowmen strives to make all shooters to feel WELCOME.
If you are a beginner and have any questions while at the club do not hesitate to ask any of our members, we will gladly help you out if possible. Archery clubs cannot exist without participants!

You can find our shoot dates and league start dates on our calendar. Membership information and shoot results all here on the Midthumb Bowmen Website. Just navigate the website and enjoy it, check out our pictures and experience the shoots!!

Better yet just, COME SHOOT !!!!